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Community is important to any small town, and KME’s home is no different. KME founder Chappel Allen was very supportive of the youth in Trigg County and we’re continuing to strengthen that legacy. We are grateful to be able to contribute to the success that is Cadiz, KY. 

Though we have initiatives across our company and our community, much of our efforts go toward building the future of our youth.

KME Stands With The Youth of Trigg County

-Chappel B. Allen Memorial Scholarship – In honor of our company founder, we give a number of scholarships each year ranging from $500 – $1,000. He established a legacy of supporting the youth in Trigg County and it’s important for KME to continue growing that family legacy. 

-Community Readers – We believe it is important to reach out to students in our community every chance we get. Each year at least three of our employees visit a local school to read a book, answer children’s questions and share a snack.

-KME Christmas Classic Basketball Tournament – Each year we sponsor the main fundraiser for the Trigg County High School Basketball Team. The proceeds from this Christmas tournament enables them to attend camps and tournaments during the summer months to improve their individual skills.

-Trigg County High School & Middle School Baseball Sponsorship –  Our support helps pay for uniforms, equipment and travel expenses. 

-Trigg County High School Project Graduation Sponsorship – Our donation helps ensure graduating seniors spend the night at a fun, organized, adult-supervised and alcohol-free, post-graduation party. 

-Trigg County Youth Athletic Association Sponsorship – We sponsor 2 youth recreational baseball teams in the summer and one youth football team in the fall. This is an opportunity for children ages 5-15 to experience the game and build their teamwork and athletic skills. For some, this is their only chance to play organized sports. 

-4-H Club – Country Ham Auction – Trigg County High School students make country hams and the top 5 are auctioned off…we always win one (It gets pricey!) and the money goes to the winning student and the club. The ham we win we donate to the Senior Citizen Kitchen.

-The Way Christian Youth Center – This facility gives local teens a place to come to play games and eat, all in a safe environment. We give a monthly dinner donation. 

Lisa Butts

“I simply love Community Reader day! So often as adults we forget what it is like to be a young student attending school every day. It’s those little unusual moments you look forward to. Like a day where someone new comes to read a story to you, bring a special snack, and take time to listen to your questions. When I see these children glow with anticipation, it makes my heart smile. They always thank me for their special treat and my time…but I’m the one who leaves more grateful than they could know!” – Lisa Butts/Project Manager

KME Stands With Our Community Members

-Community Thanksgiving Dinner – Each year we donate turkeys and our very own Estimator Eric Sweno helps serve our community. 

-Lions Club Golf Tournament – We sponsor a hole for this annual event. It’s just another avenue for us to help the youth of our community. 

-Pick-N-Play at LBL – This is a 2-3 day event that happens at LBL and brings more tourists to the area. It’s held at the Home Place where different local bands and individuals play bluegrass music on the porches of the homes displayed there. These concerts highlight local musicians and bring attention to the LBL area. Though it doesn’t directly bring business to KME, it does bring tourists and more business to our community which we love to see.

Committing to Our Part in Conserving the Environment 

We now have recycling capabilities at KME. We have bins for cardboard, plastic and aluminum cans. 

Why is this important to us? 

Recycling the trash we produce is the one real legacy we can leave our children. The environment is our most precious commodity and we must work to ensure our children have places to play, hunt, fish or whatever they desire from nature. At KME, we desire to leave our children, and our children’s children, their part of the legacy. 

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Since 1971, we’ve taken our corporate responsibility seriously, encouraging our employees to have pride in the work we’re doing together.  

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