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At KME, we value the future of our employees, our industry and the next generation of machinists. Today we’re seeing a crisis in the trade industries, including machine shops and engineering. That’s why we’re committed to education both for our employees and opening up opportunities to future professionals. 

How do we value tomorrow? Each day we emphasize our clients’ needs, our employees’ futures, our industry’s health and our local community’s growth. We see our corporate responsibility as a company-wide effort to build a stronger future for the youth of our community. Our founder, Chappel Allen built a legacy of support for Trigg County’s youth and we’re continuing his legacy today. See how we’re making a difference beyond just job growth. 

Below you’ll see how we’re impacting our industry and clients’ goals!

We have a rework rate less than 1%. That means you don’t have to worry about rejecting our work. But, precision isn’t the only measurement of success we use. That’s a given when you’re fabricating a piece of equipment or stamping a new part. For us, success means:

  • We’ve allowed you to keep production or construction moving, helping you stay on schedule.
  • We were able to meet your specifications and collaborate with you on the right solutions for your project. 
  • You call us back for your next project! 

We had a crane repair performed by Kentucky Machine and due to the nature of the equipment, we were working within a very limited time frame. To compound the issue, the equipment was dated and we did not have any of the original prints. Kentucky Machine was able to diagnose the issue and offer options for the repair based on their expertise. When the time frame became even more restrictive due to some unexpected scheduling issues, Kentucky Machine completed the repairs and delivered the item a full two days ahead of the original schedule.
- Grant Noggle, Century Aluminum,
“Awesome company! Very reliable, friendly employees. They go out of their way to get the job done accurately & timely”  Easy to contact and always there to help us out.
- Glenda Nelson, Grupo Antolin-Hopkinsville,
“At KY Machine you have three families. Your family, the owner’s family and your KME family. They do their best to balance that out evenly and fairly. It’s a good place to work with competitive benefits and salaries. We make sure every part is a quality piece of fabricated, welded, machined perfection!”
- Cody Choate, Kentucky Machine, Welder


These are the values that brought this organization from a 3-man warehouse to a multi-million dollar company. Chappel Allen founded Cadiz Machine and Tool in 1971, which was later renamed Kentucky Machine & Engineering, Inc. and moved to our current location in 1978. He was a driven entrepreneur, becoming a leader in his industry and community. He established a legacy for Kentucky Machine, investing in jobs for local families and helping build a stronger community. 

Today, it is still a family owned and operated business. Kentucky Machine is excited to continue moving this company forward into a new age, while holding true to what Chappell Allen established.

A look at our past

CODY welding


  • Be accessible to clients (even after hours)

  • Do the job right the first time, every time 

  • Continue education & training for our team 

  • Hire quality conscious people 

  • Support future generations of machining and trade industry professionals

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